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9664 US Hwy 31 South, Interlochen, MI 49643

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In April of 2012, Sleeping Bear Motor Sports, LLC was formed, and on June 1st opened the doors of its first Brick and Mortar location on US 31 just east of the lovely little town of Interlochen, Michigan.



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Just one month later, we're looking at least a LITTLE bit more respectable...

The new facility boasted a modestly stocked parts and accessories department, and a few pieces of new and experienced motorcycle gear, oh yeah, and 2 bikes!

Eric created Sleeping Bear Motor Sports as an internet based sales operation in August of 2002 while working as a manager at a local area motorcycle and ATV dealership.  His position allowed him to come into contact with a great number of people that had accumulated various extra items over the years from accessorizing their machines and they had no outlet with which to do anything with the extra items they accumulated. Selling them on consignment through the internet provided just the right avenue to move many of those items out of the garages and closets and into the hands of other people looking for those very items.

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Sleeping Bear Motor Sports

9664 US Hwy. 31 South, Interlochen, MI 49643

Due to the large inventory of previously enjoyed vehicles we had acquired to offer for sale, October of 2012 brought us a needed expansion and we took over a second building more than doubling our showroom space!  We installed special lighting that allowed you to see the colors of the machines just as you would outside in the bright light of a beautiful Northern Michigan Sunshiny day! 

Sleeping Bear Motor Sports, LLC, Motorcycle Customization, Interlochen, MI

2018 and another HUGE adventure, we take on a new line of ATV's and SSV's (Side by Sides).  CFMoto is a little heard of but VERY strong and coming up company manufacturing AWESOME off-road vehicles!  Their tag line is "The Best Kept Dirty Little Secret" in the off-road industry.  Well, we thought so too, so we now are part of that secret.  And we're loving it!  We can't wait to explore the hills-and-dales in one of the BEST off-road vehicles built today!  Come join us!!

Kris and I are very grateful to all of our friends and family (is there a difference?!?) for all the support we've received with this endeavor, and pledge to do everything we can to continue making this place as fun, inviting, and fulfilling as possible. 

Sleeping Bear Motor Sports...

Committed to Quality, Service, and Customer Satisfaction for the Sports of  Off Road and On Road Powersports!


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Yet Another Month, and we're trying to figure out how we're going to display everything...where the heck did all this stuff COME from?!?!

With the overwhelming community support we have received, October 2013 brought us yet another expansion...more than three times the space and a substantially better location at Interlochen Corners, just 1/2 mile west of our original store.  Large windows for natural light to see the machines in, three different and much safer driveways to access our huge parking lot, and lots of room for family and friends to gather and enjoy each others company and talk about motorcycles and riding!

Motor Sports

Sleeping Bear Motor Sports was founded by Eric Fischer in 2002. As a child, Eric spent many of his days watching and helping his father repair classic cars, motorcycles, and pretty much anything that had a motor in it. It was during this time that Eric learned the value of every motorcycle and off road vehicle, and learned how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any vehicle. When Eric was in high school he learned how to use diagnostic tools to enhance his deep knowledge of vehicle engines. Although Eric was learning the most advanced techniques in vehicle repair, he also never forgot lessons he learned from his father during those years as well. His father used to repair all types of motor vehicles through his many years as a full service gas station owner/operator. Eric never forgot the gratitude of those his father helped. He's never forgotten the warm feeling he felt every time his father would deliver a repaired vehicle to someone after their machine had broken down. Eric was determined to honor his father by opening a business that would truly offer value to the community. He promised himself to always provide outstanding customer service and a great value to all of his customers, regardless of how large his business and that customer base grew.